Required Vaccinations

All vaccinations must be administered by a veterinary office or vaccination clinic and proof of vaccinations must be presented 10 days prior to your reservation. Owner-administered vaccinations, including DHPP and Bordatella, will not be accepted.

DOGS – DHPP, Rabies, Bordatella (canine cough)
We strongly recommend Dog Flu (H3N2) and Lepto vaccine.

CATS – FVRCP, Rabies
We strongly recommend Feline Leukemia vaccine.

We highly recommend:

  • Vaccinations be given 2-3 weeks prior to boarding

  • Bordatella be given every 6 months or per your veterinarian’s recommendation

  • Flea and tick preventative be applied monthly

  • Yearly heartworm tests and monthly preventative given

Vaccine Records

Please upload all Vaccine Records through the Customer Portal.