What We Provide

We provide clean, cozy bolster beds for every guest. Orthopedic bedding may be rented for $2 per day. Sorry, no outside bedding is permitted.


Dog biscuits given twice daily.

Cat Litter & Litter Box (cats only)

Optional Items

You are welcome to bring your pet's favorite treats or bones from home.

Please limit toys to 1-2 per reservation and label with pet's first and last names.

Optional Services
Notify the office of any Amenities you would like your pet to receive during their stay. 

What to Bring

We ask that you bring your pet's food from home. Separate food into individual baggies per meal or label your pet’s food with their first and last name. There is a $5 daily charge for any food provided by FPK.

Bring any vital medication for your pet's stay. Medication must be clearly labeled or an instruction sheet must be provided to ensure proper dosage is given. See our Medication Policy for more information.

Current Paperwork
In January 2015, FPK has updated its forms and every client will be required to submit the current Five Points Kennels, Inc. Liability Waiver and Client & Pet Information Form through our Customer Portal prior to their next stay. Clients will be required to resubmit these forms annually unless there is a change in personal and/or pet information within the year.

Required Vaccines expire annually with the exception of some vets requiring Bordatella every 6 months. It is your responsibility to provide FPK with their pet's current vaccination records, along with other mandatory paperwork 10 days prior to your reservation. Failure to comply with this requirement can result in the cancellation of your reservation.

Fax: 317-351-0512
Email: fivepointskennelsinc@gmail.com