New Pricing Structure Clarification

We recently sent out a letter explaining our updates in 2015. We feel we need to clarify how the pricing change will affect your future stays. We are changing from a DAILY rate to a NIGHTLY rate. Please note this is NOT a 39% increase in pricing from current pricing. It is a totally different way to charge for boarding (currently overnight is 2 days of boarding and now it will be 1 night). 

A few examples are listed below to compare our current daily rates with the new nightly rates.


Additionally the multiple pet discount will be applied to each additional pet sharing the same space. For our Standard Runs this means the first dog is $25 per night and each additional pet will be 40% off or $15.

Check out time will be 11 a.m.  A $5 late check out fee will be charged for those leaving during office hours after 11 a.m.  (This fee is less than our current ½ day charge.) The $5.00 late fee is waived if bath/groom is scheduled and we are still offering the $5.00 discount for board/bath!

If you have questions or would like an estimate for your family please contact us and we would be happy to help. We have loved watching our FPK family grow over the years and getting to know each of your pets. We appreciate your continued support.